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Feeding the Community
Big Dave's Ministry Goes Beyond the Walls of the Kitchen

"Working fifteen years in the restaurant business, we began to look a little higher in our faith while developing a rib that could be marketed through the super market chain.  One year ago, we entered relationships with Ingles, Bi-Lo, MDI, and Food Lion soon after hiring Spartanburg Meats to produce the our products.  As we grow in what is clearly the giants of the food industry, our heart's desire is to make a difference in the world through the support of your churches and organizations.  Also, we want to financially support Christian youth programs here in our local community.  One of our visions is a children's summer camp that would include visitations and instruction from fellow Christian entrepreneurs and large business owners.  With your support of picking up our products, you are aiding in the ministry of improving a child's, or even a community's, life.  From the desk of Big Dave the word says, "Where there are two or more gathered in his name there shall He (GOD) is also in the midst."  We know that only a few may respond, but I say thatís just enough for God to bless.  Please notify us at bigdavesribs@yahoo.com or call us at (864) 653-3535 to schedule a personal appearance for myself to come to your area and share our testimony of how God has put it all together.  Thank you and God Bless." -- David Jones



Getting the Word Out
E-Mails to Local Churches and Pastors

John 1:1  By the true spirit of God I come to you all in the precious

name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Hello, My name is David Jones and I am reaching out to the

churches and asking the brothers & sisters to help my family.


I spread the word that the Jabez Prayer is true and effective.

The Lord has blessed us with an opportunity to sell our BBQ ribs

in the Wal-Mart Supercenters, yet we do not have a marketing budget

as those big worldly companies.  Therefore, we are even more

eager to be a blessing to the house of God.


Please view our website we pray that the Holy Spirit will

lead you all in connecting with us soon.


Sincerely by believing in the power of the Risen Christ we believe,

we can become the lenders & not the borrowers.


God Bless,

David Jones, (Big Dave)



 Signature Catering
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Phone: (864) 973-3899


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